Nov ‘20

Colin Bell talks to Philip about the new Dizzy game, and how it came about. 


Read the article here

Nov '20

The Oliver Twins spent Spring lockdown getting back into Designing and Programming. This time on FUZE the education programming language on the Ninetndo Switch.

What started out as a small demo turned into a Full game and the Best version of Dizzy Fast Food ever written, thanks to the wonderful, powerful FUZE.


More Here

Watch the video advert


Oct ‘20

One of the newest carts is The Oliver Twins Collection. This twelfth cartridge comes with eleven different games — all of which were developed by The Oliver Twins, hence the name of the collection. While this developer duo is not especially well known in North America, they were superstars in Europe. Their egg character Dizzy remains an icon in the region all these years later.

Read the article here

Oct '20

Studios in Leamington Spa have been producing hits since the days of the ZX Spectrum – and now the town is serving as a model for regional investment. With 50,000 residents and pristine regency architecture, Leamington Spa seems like any other scenic countryside settlement. But this Midlands town, once a hotspot for holidaying Victorian aristocrats desperate to bathe in its healing waters, has quietly become one of the UK’s video game industry biggest hubs.

Read the article here

Oct ‘20

The Oliver Twins sequel to Grand Prix Simulator was their final contribution to the popular Codemasters simulator series. Philip Oliver explains how regrets over their original game inspired it's much-improved sequel.

Read the article here

Oct '20

We speak to the team behind Dizzys newest adventure. 

You can't keep a good egg down, and the hero of the Yolkfolk has been very visible in recent times, with plenty of rediscovered NES projects keeping Dizzy in the spotlight. 

Now though, something very special is upon us....

Read the article here

Oct ‘20

You're making me Dizzy, my head is spinning

While The Oliver Twins arguably found the most fame on home computers like the ZX Spectrum and C64, they – via publisher Codemasters – supported Nintendo's 8-bit console with gusto, as this collection attests

Read the article here 

Oct '20

Wow, This guy put a lot of work into making a video version of The Oliver Twins Book.

Great fun to watch.


Watch the video here

How two twins and an egg took on Ninendo's Super Mario

Oct ‘20

When you think of NES games, a legendary pair of brothers always springs to mind. - Mario & Luigi.

But another fraternal duo, the Oliver twins — Andrew and Philip — should be equally lauded for making the 8-bit gaming system synonymous with addictive side-scrolling platformers. They created the British answer to Super Mario Bros., 1991’s Fantastic Dizzy

Read the article here 

Evercade Retro Console gets the

Oliver Twins Collection

Oct '20

This collection, includes 11 games: Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantastic Dizzy, Go! Dizzy Go!, Dizzy The Adventurer, Panic Dizzy, Wonderland Dizzy, Mystery World Dizzy and BMX Simulator, FireHawk, DreamWorld Pogie and Super Robin Hood.

[What a bargin!]

Read the article here 

Buy the pack here

Fan Converts the original Dizzy to the Commodore Plus4/C16

Sept ‘20

Spotted this on Twitter:-  Retro Recollections


I wonder if the @TheOliverTwins have seen this fantastic fan made port of Dizzy for the #Commodore #Plus4 and expanded C16 that came out recently? I can finally play #Dizzy on my childhood 8bit micro!

We've seen it now - Amazing!

Video about the conversion

Story Behind Cavey

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 14

Sept '20

Arguably Cavey was the first true game the Oliver Twins wrote. Chris Wilkins asks how and why they developed it and what they learnt from it.

Read the article here 

Buy the full magazine here

Preserving the Oliver Twins' gaming Legacy : Wireframe

Aug ‘20

Coronavirus has had far-reaching effects on society, and its impact will last for many years yet. Lockdown has meant different things to different people. The games industry hasn’t been hit too badly; obviously, there are exceptions, but by and large,......

Read article here

Buy the full magazine here


Squeezing WarGames onto the PlayStation 1 : Wireframe

Aug '20

How the Oliver Twins managed to fit WarGames: Defcon 1 onto Sony’s debut console. As Sony entered the console market with the PlayStation in 1995, Hollywood film studios were beginning to take video games more seriously.....

Read article here

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here

VideoGame Stamps of the World

Retro Gamer Magazine

July ‘20

In January, Royal Mail premiered a set of retro gaming stamps. While the UK was the first country to first issue postage stamps, it was not the first to issue videogame stamps.......

Read article here

Buy the full magazine here


Retro Gamer : A dizzying website

July '20


An interview with Darran about the new website and The Oliver Twins Collection cartridge for Evercade.


Read article here

Buy the full magazine here

Story Behind the New Website

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 12

July ‘20

Chris interviews us to learn the background as to why we created this new website.

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here


Dizzy 1 - now on Atari XL/XE

3rd July ‘20

It’s a lovely surprise that Dizzy fans are so dedicated that some make new games whilst others convert our original games. Thank you Irgendwer and Fandal for this new version, it’s lovely to see the results of your hard work and thank you for sharing with the retro community. 

Read Intro Retro News article here

Watch a video here

Creating Character

Retro Gamer - Issue 208

July '20

“The eighties saw an explosion in recognisable videogame characters, inspired by the cartoon characters beloved by kids worldwide. We look back at why gaming heroes became so important.”

Read the article here

Buy the full magazine here

Evercade retro console gets

The Oliver Twins Collection

10th June '20

Evercade, the brand new handheld retro gaming console, today announced the next cartridge in its library – ‘The Oliver Twins Collection’, featuring 11 games including: Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantastic Dizzy, Go! Dizzy Go!, Dizzy The Adventurer, Panic Dizzy, Wonderland Dizzy, Mystery World Dizzy and BMX Simulator, FireHawk, DreamWorld Pogie and Super Robin Hood.

Full press release

Eurogamer Review

Site of the Fortnight!

Web User Magazine

May '20

We are delighted that Web User Magazine were impressed enough by our new website to award us “Site of the Fortnight” in their Best New Website section.

Accompanied by a great article and a 5 Star rating too!

Article here

How to make a video game Podcast with Auroch Digital

19th May '20

“We had some extra special guests in this bonus podcast episode - The Oliver twins! Mike, Jem, and Matt chat to the creators of Dizzy and games industry legends who are the most Prolific 8-bit videogame developers ever! Tune in to hear behind the scenes development stories and to get advice about starting your own career in gaming.”


Listen to the Podcast here

Time for a New Website

May '20

Our first Website was little more than a Word Doc. saved in HTML back around 2000 after we secured the domain.

Around 2008 a website developer at Blitz Games found time to make a prettier version, which has had a good run, but with the advent of Covid-19, we’ve found ourselves with some time on our hands and have produced this all new website using WIX.

Story Behind Jet Bike Simulator

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 11

May '20

In this 4 page article we explain to Chris Wilkins the story behind creating Jet Bike Simulator and Jet Ski Simulator - and you’ll learn the differences between them, and why perhaps the first should have been called Personal Watercraft Simulator.


Read the article here 

Buy the full magazine here

National Videogame Museum Interview

27th April '20

We had great fun being interviewed by Conor Clarke on Twitch for their #LoveVideogames series . We also played a crazy version of Mr & Mrs called Dr. & Dr. to see how much we know each other. I wonder how that played out? 

Watch Video Here 

Story Behind Advanced Pinball Simulator

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 10

March ‘20

In this 4 page article, we explain to Chris Wilkins the story behind creating our first and last Pinball game. 

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here


Retro Gamer : Making of Grand Prix Simulator

March '20


A look back at why and how we made Grand Prix Simulator, way back in 1987. 


Codemasters first car racing game.


Read article here

Buy the full magazine here

Squeezing the NES: Wireframe Article Issue 34

March ‘20

We wrote a technical article on how we managed to squeeze Super Robin Hood onto a 64kB NES Cartridge. The article gets quite technical and even has a link to the source code! 

Read article here

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here

Our Thoughts On Amstrads CPCs

Fusion Retro Magazine : Amstrad CPC Special

February ‘20

In this 4 page article, we explain to Chris Wilkins why we loved developing games on the Amstrad CPCs - what a fantastic computer Amstrad created!

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here


7th January '20

Royal Mail announces a set of stamps which feature classic British-designed gaming icons - including Lara Croft, Lemmings and Dizzy.


"Dizzy (1985) - was devised by the Oliver Twins and published by Codemasters. It went on to become one of the most successful British game franchises of the era. "

Read More

Story Behind Operation Gunship 

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 9

January ‘20

In this 5 page article we explain to Chris Wilkins the story behind creating our Rambo inspired top down helicopter shooters - Operation Gunship and it’s NES sequel - Firehawk.

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

Creative Mornings  : 'Roots' Presentation by The Oliver Twins

31st January '20

"Our monthly theme is ROOTS  - “Courageous, creative work begins below the ground.”  

Here in Leamington, we’re off to flyer - teaming up with the amazing Interactive Futures Conference to bring you a talk from The Oliver Twins."

Click here to watch the presentation

Read More

A Christmas Game :

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 9

December ‘19

Our fun take on Retro games that tried to cash in on Christmas. Spoiler alert - they are pretty much all turkeys.

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

Andrew Oliver becomes Visiting Professor at BCU (Birmingham City University)

December ‘19

Following the recommendation of Senior Games Lecturer Carlo Harvey. Andrew was invited to become a Visiting Professor at Birmingham City University. by EPA Rachel Warr on behalf of the Pro Vice Chancellor & Exective Dean Professor Hanifa Shah.

Story Behind Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Fusion Retro : 2020 Annual

December '19

In this 6 page article, we explain to Chris Wilkins the story behind creating our most successful character - Dizzy, back in 1987 when we were aged 19, having just left school.

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

The Retro Fusion 2020 Annual Here


Story Behind Fast Food Dizzy Fusion Retro : Issue ZX

November ‘19

In this 5 page article, we explain to Chris Wilkins the story behind creating Fast Food, Dizzy’s first non-adventure game. 


Read article here 

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

Story Behind Fantastic Dizzy Fusion Retro : Issue 7

Sept ‘19

In this 5 page article, we tell Chris Wilkins how our trip to Las Vegas inspired us to create our first NES game, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. 

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

The History of British Video Games Video by Giff Gaff

August 2019

Looking back on 2019 - a high point was filming with Aoife Wilson, YrsTruly, & GiffGaff at the NVM in Sheffield.

The History Of British Video Games Part 1 | #giffgaffgaming


Watch it here

Squeezing the Spectrum : Wireframe Article Issue 19

August 2019


We wrote a technical article on how we managed to squeeze Fantasy World Dizzy into the 48k Spectrum. The article gets quite technical and even has a link to the source code! 

Read article here

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here

UKie : 30 Years of Play

3rd July '19

"The Oliver Twins, now founders of Game Dragons, are best known for creating legendary video game character Dizzy. But they have a much more varied and interesting history within the UK interactive entertainment business."

Read More

Panic Dizzy - NES : Released

July ‘19

Finally the last of our completed and unreleased NES games sees publication!

Limited to just 400 cartridges with all royalties going to Centre for Computing History - Cambridge.

Link to Game Page

Fantasy World Dizzy FINALLY makes it to Atari Jaguar Console

June ‘19

Atari Age produce another great Dizzy game for the classic Jaguar console, this time it’s our favourite Fantasy World Dizzy.

Limited to just 250 copies!

Royalties going to Special Effect & The National Videogame Museum.

Video review here

More details here

Story Behind FUZE 4 Switch

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 6

May ‘19


In this 8 page article Philip interviews Jon Silvera on the new ‘Game making game’ - Fuze4 Nintendo Switch. 

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here


Double Dragon : Wireframe Article Issue 10

March ‘19


Wireframe article about our new games consultancy business - Game Dragons.

“We catch up with the Oliver Twins to talk Dizzy, Codemasters and their new venture, Game Dragons.”

"With a dizzying array of games behind them, Codemasters veterans Andrew and Philip Oliver now hope to share their wisdom with other British developers."

Read article here

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here


Story Behind GhostBusters 2

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 5

March ‘19

In this 4 page article we tell Chris Wilkins how we loved the original Ghostbusters movie and how we were fortunate enough to make the Amstrad and Spectrum games for the sequel movie.

Read article here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here

Treasure Island Dizzy FINALLY makes it to Atari Jaguar Console

February ‘19


Atari Age produce a brilliant new version of Treasure Island Dizzy for the Atari Jaguar.

Better late than never!   Limited to just 250 copies!

Royalties going to Special Effect & The National Videogame Museum. 


Video review here

More details here

Story Behind Pro Ski Simulator

Fusion Retro Magazine : Issue 4

February ‘19

In this 4 page article we explain to Chris Wilkins how a holiday combined with a classic arcade game inspired our Professional Ski Simulator game. 

Read Article Here

Buy Fusion Retro Game Magazine here


Panic Dizzy - NES : Kickstarter Launched

8th February ‘19

Back in ‘92, Codemasters suggested they could release our NES games on a Dizzy compilation cartridge. To compliment the adventure games, we decided to add Panic Dizzy, but fully redesigned, from the original 8-bit computer games. We always felt that design didn’t quite work, so with this version we decided to have 5 different puzzle games - hoping that one would find the magic! We feel both Match More and Dizzy Dice worked really well!

Watch video here.   

Philip Oliver becomes Visiting Professor at Staffordshire University

1st February ‘19

Following the recommendation of Associate Professor Bobbie Fletcher, Philip was invited to become a Visiting Professor at Staffs. Uni. by Professor Liz Barnes, the University’s Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive.

Staying Alive: Wireframe article about the early turbulent years

December ‘18

Wireframe article about The turbulent history of British game development.

“A new frontier opened up as the British games industry exploded in the 1980s. Careers were born and classic games made, but few companies survived that turbulent decade”

It was fun to be part of that era. 

Read it here

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here

Guinness World Records

September '18

Guinness World Records awarded us

"Most Prolific 8-bit videogame developers", adding "The Oliver Twins developed 26 commercially released games for 8-bit computers and consoles from 1984-1992, and they designed 35 overall. Taking into account the many different platforms at that time - notably the Dragon 32, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, Commodore 64, NES, Master System and Game Gear - they actively wrote 49 released 8 bit games, they also produced titles that never saw the light of day. During that time they had 14 number one games for the Amstrad CPC series of computers and 12 number ones on the Spectrum.

They also produced Dizzy, one of the most iconic characters on 8-bit computers."

The History of Codemasters Simulators by Retro Gamer

September ‘18

“From a crash course in Formula 1 to a hole-in-one and the rough and tumble of BMX racing and a few rounds in the ring Codemasters’ budget simulators may not have truly mimicked real life but they certainly stormed the charts”

Read the article here

Buy the full magazine here

Mystery World Dizzy - NES : Released

June ‘18

Thanks to Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books (Kickstarter campaign), Lukasz Kur (remastering the code), Piotr ‘PIT’ Gratkiewicz (cover illustration), Andrew Joseph (packaging production) and all the Kickstarter backers! Special thanks also to Codemasters for allowing the production of these Dizzy games.  

Limited to just 600 cartridges with all royalties going to SpecialEffect.

More details about the game here

Opening Trowbridge Museum’s “Oliver Twins” Exhibit

22nd January ‘18

It was bizarre and fun to visit our home town of Trowbridge (In Wiltshire) to host a special collection of our Retro game memorabilia in the town's museum. We even caught up with a few old friends and teachers at the event.

Read more here

8 Bit Annual:

January ‘18

Our Presentation at the Spectrum’s 35th Anniversary at the History of Computing Museum in Cambridge got a great write up.

They also awarded the Spectrum Remake of Crystal Kingdom Dizzy – 98%

Read it here

Get the full digital annual for free here

Wonderful Dizzy Behind the scenes - Crash Annual 2018

December ‘17

Whilst we have put together the full design of Wonderful Dizzy, we have a very talented team helping turn those ideas into a full game for the Spectrum Next. This article reveals a little of the design and introduces the talented developers we are working with.

Read the Article here  [coming soon]

DreamWorld Pogie - NES : Released

November ‘17

We were so pleased to see our 9th NES game, finally released and in the hands of players.


Thanks again to Lukasz Kur for taking the source code and remastering for final production.


Limited to just 600 cartridges with all royalties going to SpecialEffect.

More details about the game here:

Mystery World Dizzy - NES : Kickstarter Launched

15 October ‘17

Following the discovery of the source code of both Wonderland Dizzy and Dreamworld Pogie, we also uncovered Mystery World Dizzy - another unreleased NES game written in the early ‘90s and based on Fantasy World Dizzy.


We tend never to throw things away, but the filing has, at times, been poorly organised.


Watch video here. 

A new Dizzy Game announced

19th May ‘17

After being asked so many times over the years if we’ll make a new Dizzy, we finally give in to help support the Spectrum Next Kickstarter campaign.


This is the funny video we created to reveal the game would be inspired by the classic  Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and would be called Wonderful Dizzy.

Video here

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Remake on the Spectrum

April ‘17

To our surprise and delight, a band of Dizzy fans from across Eastern Europe decided to remake and improve the original Crystal Kingdom Dizzy and launched it Easter Day 2017. It’s impressive what they were able to achieve given the limitations of the Spectrum!

Read article here

Remake longplay video

Retro Guide to Dizzy by GamesTM / Retro

February ‘17

“We celebrate 30 years of the Oliver Twins most famous creation as we chronicle the legacy of an 8-bit platforming hero.”

Read the article here

Buy the full magazine here

Dara O’Briain’s Go 8 Bit features Kwik Snax

31st January ‘17

We had amazing fun as special guests on on the show. They chose to include Kwik Snax and asked Sara Cox and Daniel Sloss to control Dizzy only using food! 

Filming took place at - Elstree Studios in London and the final TV show was aired in July. 

You can watch it here. 

‘Notch’ of Minecraft makes our day!

23th December '16

A video shot at the launch of our book entitled Videogame Legends by Computerphile prompted Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, the creator of Minecraft, to tweet that he was one of those inspired by the Oliver Twins games “I grew up loving and being inspired by their work.”

See the video here 

DreamWorld Pogie - NES : Kickstarter Launched

15th December ‘16

Chris Wilkins agrees to do a dedicated Kickstarter campaign for another of our unreleased NES games. Written, and sadly unreleased, back in ‘92 and clearly inspired by an obvious classic platformer.

More details about the game here

Watch video here

Kickstarter Page here

Book Launch – Let’s Go Dizzy!

14th December '16

We were proud to launch our book at the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. We were also able to show off the final Wonderland Dizzy on NES, complete and ready to go to very limited production. It was great to see and catch up with so many friends from the old days of making those computer games back at Codemasters.

All profits from the book go to Special Effect.

30 Years of Codemasters in Retro Gamer

November  '16

A fun article celebrating Codemasters 30 years after their founding, looking back at their early years.

Read the article

Buy the full magazine here

Guest Speakers and Judges at Amstrad Eterno - Portugal 

November  '16

We were delighted to be invited to speak at Amstrad Eterno’s annual event in Portugal. We had no idea that the Amstrad CPC was not only big in Spain and Portugal back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, but that there are very talented developers still making games for it! We were asked to help judge the games and present the awards. It was a fabulous weekend, we really enjoyed it and our hosts were amazing.

Wonderland Dizzy - NES : Released

November ‘16

Kickstarter backers finally got their hands on the unreleased game, and we were happy to sign a bunch. So proud to finally see another of our NES games released over 22 years after we wrote it!

Limited to just 130 cartridges - so VERY rare and collectable. Royalties all went to SpecialEffect.

More details here

Retro Gamer : Blitz Games Studios Remembered

March '16

For 23 years, Blitz Games Studios in its various guises was one of the UK’s most important independent developers, selling millions of pounds worth of games. Founded by Philip and Andrew Oliver it was quite a dizzying journey, as David Crookes explains.


Read it Here 

Buy the full magazine here

The Original Good Egg - GamesTM / Retro article on Dizzy

March ‘16

GamesTM produce a great 6 page feature looking back on the history and legacy of the Dizzy games. 


Read the article here

Buy the full magazine here

Sinclair Spectrum in Pixels

December ‘15

Fusion Retro Books releases The story of the ZX Spectrum in pixels_ VOLUME 1 which is a great celebration in 236 full colour pages of classic Spectrum games. 

We were pleased to have 2 features included. 

Dizzy Article

Life at Codemasters

You can buy the book here

Launch of Kickstarter for Oliver Twins Book

24th October '15

We’d known Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books for a few years when, one day, he suggested creating a Dizzy book. We thought it was an interesting idea, but we suggested he produce a book that covered all our retro games with the ‘behind the scenes’ stories.


He did some market research to see the level of interest and followed it with a Kickstarter campaign, which was launched at The History of Computing Museum – Cambridge.

Watch the video

Wonderland Dizzy- NES : Rediscovered

October ‘15

Whilst at Play Blackpool in May, we showed a map of Wonderland Dizzy on NES - whilst on stage talking, we wondered if the game had ever been released back when it was written in early ‘92. We realised it can’t and searched the loft for the source code. We found it and Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur was able to re-compile, tidy up a couple of bits and create a master build. 

Watch Rediscovery Video 

Giving a talk at our old school

8th July '15


We visited our old school to give a talk about the games industry and tell them. We even caught up with a couple of our old teachers that were still there, still educating!

Visting Trowbridge College

2nd June '15

Back in 1984 we attended classes in O’level Computer Studies at Trowbridge College, a short walk from Clarendon School. This was a time when making games was frowned upon, so it was fun to revisit Wiltshire College and give a lecture to the students on the popular Video Games Development course!

60 Minutes with....Podcast

18th May  '15

"Myself and Chris are honoured and delighted to be able to spend 60 minutes chatting with video game legends; Philip and Andrew Oliver.

With such a rich and varied history we could only touch on certain highlights of their great career so far."

Listen Here

Play Blackpool - Retro Event

21st April '15

It was fantastic to see all those people playing games on our stand and see that the love for 8-bit games still lives on.

Read More

Watch The Interview

Talk at Centre for Computing History Cambridge

26th July '14

We were delighted to be invited to give a talk about our careers in the games industry to a packed room in the museum. They were very kind to set up original computers with all our old games running too!

If you have love retro computers and games, and can get across to Cambridge we highly recommend you visit:

Dizzy Returns KickStarter Campaign

November ‘12

We decide to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help promote and finance a new Dizzy game. Sadly the campaign failed, for a number of reasons and Dizzy Returns wasn’t made. But there was some lovely designs and artwork created.

Watch the Campaign Video here

See the Pitch document here

Dizzy On Scratch

20 February '12

Andrew has a play around with Scratch, firstly writing a Pac-Man game (just to get up to speed), followed by attempting a scrolling Dizzy mini-game, but finds Scratch was not designed to scroll! Scratch really is a great first programming language and highly recommended for kids. You can reveal the code in these games.

Play Pac-Man on Scratch here

Play Dizzy’s Treehouse Adventure on Scratch

Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk Released on IOS & Android

November ‘11

As smart phones take off, Paul Ranson, once owner of Big Red Software, and a programmer and games designer himself decides to convert and update Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk for iPhone and Android smart phones. The original artist, Leigh Christen, updates all the graphics!

Read the GamesTM Article here 

Watch the BBC Click Video Review here

Honorary Doctorates from Coventry University

21st November ‘08

Having taken a gap year and never attended University we were thrilled to receive honorary doctorates from Coventry University in recognition of our contribution to the growth of the electronic games industry both regionally and internationally. The ceremony took place in Coventry Catherdal and our citation was read by Ian Marshall, who was responsible for the world’s first undergraduate Computing course with a Computer Games option in 1996 at Abertay University in Dundee.  Philip received a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), whilst Andrew received a Doctor of Technology (DTech).

The Oliver Building

9th November '04

It was a massive honour that our old senior school, Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge, dedicated a new building in our name. We hope it will inspire other students to follow their dreams and find success and happiness.

Fantastic Dizzy - Retro Gamer Issue 2

15th March '04

“A scrambled mess or a stroke of genius? David Crookes tells the full story of an egg which revolutionized the video gaming world - and the two guys who helped make it happen”

Read the article

Buy the full magazine here

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