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Nov. 2020

DizzyAmstrad-TitleJon-Paul Eldridge
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DizzyAmstrad-InGameJon-Paul Eldridge
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How to Play:

  1. Install FUZE from eShop on Nintendo Switch

  2. Open FUZE

  3. Select Programs

  4. Select Fast Food Dizzy

  5. Press + to Run

Fast Food Dizzy for FUZE on Nintendo Switch

  • Dizzy is back and he’s hungry, but the food doesn’t want to be eaten!

  • Help Dizzy navigate 10 progressively complex mazes eating all the food, whilst avoiding the guards and using power-ups along the way

  • Unlock 10 editable mazes to create your own fiendishly difficult challenges to share with friends and online

  • ALL the code can be edited in FUZE to help you learn to program, make changes and even make your own games

  • Action packed nutritious fun!


  • 10 unique levels

  • Power-ups

  • Brand new original artwork by Jonathan Temples

  • New and original soundtracks

  • A level editor to create your own mazes

  • Includes the full game source code for you to learn and modify in FUZE

Available now with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch for the ‘eggstremely’ low price of ‘FREE’ – no yolk!
“We really enjoyed re-imagining one of our classic original Dizzy games, so much so, that we just kept adding features. It was easy to learn, extremely intuitive and very powerful. We hope people enjoy the game, and find it challenging and inspiring.“ - Philip Oliver

“It's been fantastic working with the team at FUZE who so passionately believe, as do we, that the best way to encourage students to learn to code, is to give them the tools to help them make games. FUZE is the perfect solution as a stepping stone between Scratch and industry-standard languages such as C++, Java, Python and Lua that can be hard to get into.“ - Andrew Oliver


Development Gallery

Visit and join in with a community of enthusiastic coders eager to learn, share tips and give advice. FUZE Arena runs regular Game Jams and competitions. Create a masterpiece, submit it to the Showcase Gallery for others to play all over the world.

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