Here’s all our Retro Games from ‘83 - ‘94 in order of release.

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Our games featured in a number of collection packs

We’d also like to give a massive thank you to Andrew Joseph, Adam Markey and Peter Teal at for helping make all the games playable on this site. Andrew has helped us preserve the history of Dizzy so much over the years. Do check out his website where you can also find even more stuff about Dizzy including an enormous number of Dizzy fan games.

Key to information on Game Pages:

Format logos denote order of releases. The first logo = lead version. (Date refers to this)

Colours behind logos: 

Yellow = Written by us.     Cyan = Written by others.   (doesn't always work correctly on mobile view)

We have not included Atari ST videos & playables - since they were often the same graphics as the Amiga.