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Developed December '92 - February '93

Released February'18 

NES: Playable on PC browser

A superbly crafted cartoon adventure in which Dizzy finds himself trapped in the King's dungeon after being ambushed by a gang of trolls.


He has to escape and rescue his girlfriend Daisy. Along the way dragons, trolls and mystical creatures will try to stop him!

The Back Story

The Map (NES)


Mystery World Dizzy - NES : Kickstarter Launched

15 October ‘17

Following the discovery of the source code of both Wonderland Dizzy and Dreamworld Pogie, we also uncovered Mystery World Dizzy - another unreleased NES game written in the early ‘90s and based on Fantasy World Dizzy.


We tend never to throw things away, but the filing has, at times, been poorly organised.


Watch video here. 

Our favourite Spectrum Dizzy game had always been Fantasy World Dizzy - the last full Dizzy adventure we wrote ourselves. With the needed get another Dizzy game out quickly onto the consoles it seemed another good candidate. As a business, we were running out of money, had some good staff and we’d be able to direct people very easily to make an updated slicker version of this game. We knew that once looking at it, we’d want to go back and change some things. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and the original games at been written at home, in a couple of months and with no involvement of feedback from others. So this gave us an opportunity to take onboard players views, and ideas we had ourselves and produce a much better Dizzy game, but still based on the classic Fantasy World Dizzy.

Along with several other NES games, this was sadly not released by Codemasters. The source code was re-discovered in ‘17 in Philip’s loft. As with Wonderland Dizzy and Dreamworld Pogie it was tidied up by Lukasz Kur who made a new master. Another great new illustration was produced by Piotr ‘PIT’ Gratkiewicz and Chris Wilkins organised another Kickstarter campaign for real boxed NES Cartridges in October of ‘17. Five hundred cartridges were produced and sent to backers in February ‘18 with all royalties given to SpecialEffect.

It was good to see our work finally released, sadly we never got any money for this or most of the console games we wrote for Codemasters, but a large part of writing games is to see them enjoyed and appreciated by the players. 

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