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Developed in '93  Released '16!

NES: Playable on PC browser

Explore Wonderland with Dizzy and for the first time ever – Daisy! 

Zaks has once again cast an evil spell over the forest of Keldor, sending the Yolkfolk and their friends into Wonderland. 

Solve puzzles, help witches and save the Yolkfolk as you travel down the Rabbit Hole.


What the press said

The Map (NES & Concept)


In early ‘92 we were still producing NES games hoping the distribution problems in America would be solved and hoping that the Aladdin would be very successful.

This game was based on the popular Magicland Dizzy, but with the ability to play as Dizzy or Daisy or both! When you played as both characters, you would control one and when you died, the magical Cheshire cat would come and take your inventory and transfer it to the other character. We had to be very careful with the design to ensure this didn’t end up with situations where you broke the game.

With the difficulties surrounding NES distribution issues, the game was unreleased and forgotten about until we were speaking on stage at Play Blackpool in May ‘15 and showed a map of Wonderland Dizzy. We questioned if it had been published and soon realised it hadn’t been. I, Philip, searched my loft for a final master but instead found the source code. Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur was able to re-compile, tidy up a couple of bits and create a master build. 

Around the same time Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books was planning the Kickstarter campaign for the “Let’s Go Dizzy” book and suggested adding a physical NES cartridge to available perks and looked into having these made. We limited this to just 150 Cartridges which makes them very rare and collectable. All royalties were donated to SpecialEffect.

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