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Spellbound DizzyAmiga
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"Trouble’s afoot for Dizzy in his BIGGEST and BEST adventure yet! Meet Dizzy's magical chum Theo, the wizard, with a plethora of powerful potions! Dozy, Dylan, Dora, Daisy, and Grand Dizzy - the Yolk Folk are all here too and they're in hot water this time! Help Dizzy save their shells before they end up hard boiled!

Over 100 amazing screens of cartoon fun! Go scuba diving! Take a wild ride underground! Explore strange new worlds. Save the Yolk Folk!"

What the press said

Following on from the fantastic success of Magicland Dizzy developed by Big Red Software, we were more than happy to trust them to come up with their own concept and map. We worked through their designs mostly approving and added a few ideas and suggestions. Programming was Fred Williams whilst graphics were by Pete Ranson, Paul’s younger brother. Both would eventually work at Blitz games for a time.

During development various names were suggested; Inner World Dizzy was Paul Ranson’s favourite, whilst we suggested Wonderland Dizzy, Mysterious Kingdom Dizzy and Dreamworld Dizzy. Eventually, we all agreed on the title Spellbound Dizzy. Looking back at the notes it’s funny to see how all the correspondence is all handwritten letters and designs. We were using computers all the time, but when it came to writing letters, it was just easier to handwrite them and post them.


Whilst Big Red had produced a good Dizzy game with this, both Magicland Dizzy and Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk were better in our opinion and reviewed better.

The Map(Concept & Spectrum)

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