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May '92

Amstrad: Playable on PC browser
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"Battle Rockwart the Troll and meet Dizzy is new friend Pogie the Fluffle in the latest game. Summon King Arthur from his crusade and wake Daisy from her hundred year snooze!"

What the press said

The Map (Spectrum)


Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk Released on IOS & Android

November ‘11

As smart phones take off, Paul Ranson, once owner of Big Red Software, and a programmer and games designer himself decides to convert and update Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk for iPhone and Android smart phones. The original artist, Leigh Christen, updates all the graphics!

Read the GamesTM Article here 

Watch the BBC Click Video Review here


Having done a great job of Magicland Dizzy and Spellbound Dizzy and with deep in developing NES games, Big Red were keen to produce another Dizzy game. 

We’d like to take credit for this, but really, they pitched a great concept and with the awesome job they’d done on Magicland and Spellbound we gave them our full approval. The idea of using the tale of the lion with a thorn in his foot was wonderful. We wish we’d thought of that! There were also other lovely story arcs and characters that were a delight. The team nailed the essence of Dizzy and we were very pleased with the result. 

We were so pleased with the design that we took the over design and rewrote this for the NES calling it Dizzy The Adventurer.

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