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January '93


Original game created as Super Robin Hood (NES) Conversions called Robin Hood : Legend Quest



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“Adventure through Nottingham Castle conquering troll guards, patrolling dwarves, vampire bats, fanged spiders, fire breathing gargoyles, spiked cannonballs, razored spikes and more. Discover keys, secret passages, dungeons, torture chambers and collect stolen treasures including chests, crowns, diamonds, shields and goblets and rubies. All the action of the famous legend successfully captured in this amazing video game!”

What the press said

The Map of the NES Version


Squeezing the NES: Wireframe Article Issue 34

March ‘20

We wrote a technical article on how we managed to squeeze Super Robin Hood onto a 64kB NES Cartridge. The article gets quite technical and even has a link to the source code! 

Get the full Wireframe Magazine here  

Read Article Here


We’d always been super proud of our original break out hit Super Robin Hood and when looking for new game ideas for the NES it was a perfect candidate. The NES was great at platform games with its hardware scrolling and sprites.


We took the concept and enhanced it creating a great game that was called Super Robin Hood on the NES, however, when we then decided to convert it back to home computers we had a naming issue. One solution was to call it Super Robin Hood 2. For a while it was called Amazing Robin Hood, but Codemasters marketing department decided it should be called Robin Hood: Legend Quest.

During the creation of this game, we set up an office in Leamington Spa, since working from our small flat was now getting increasingly difficult. We employed Lyndon Sharp who had just completed Kwik Snax as a freelancer to write the Amstrad and Spectrum version which were excellent, but sadly a little too late in the life cycle of the computers.

We also employed Beno (Mark Bell) and Damon (Redmond) to convert the game to Atari ST & Amiga since they’d done such a great job of converting Kwik Snax to the ST & Amiga.

Sadly the original NES version was held back from being released due to issues with Nintendo and was released a year later as part of the Quattro Adventures pack. 

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