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November '90

Amstrad: Playable on PC browser
Spectrum: Playable on PC browser
C64: Playable on PC browser
Amiga: Playable on PC browser
PC/DOS: Playable on PC browser

"Dizzy and the Yolkfolk have" outraged the Evil Wizard Zaks and he's cast a sinister spell which has sent them to the land of personality. Outwit Zaks' court jesters, bumble bees, clockwork mice and more in the Land of Personality."

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The Levels (Spectrum)

Whilst working on The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, a project that would take around 6 months, we had ideas for other games. Following the success of Fast Food we wanted to create its sequel but were too busy to write it ourselves. Instead I, Philip, wrote up the game design and agreed on a deal with Lyndon Sharp, one of the freelance programmers at Codemasters.


He did a fantastic job of programming and audio on Amstrad and Spectrum and even added his own music and signature intro to the Spectrum version - The Dizzy Mob band. Sadly there was no memory available to add this to the Amstrad version. Chris Graham produced all the graphics.

Since Dizzy was very popular, and it was a great game, it sold quite well, but the 8-bit games market was shrinking. Jason Benham sent Codemasters a Commodore 64 maze game, and since they weren’t planning on converting Kwik Snax to the C64, they simply changed the main character to Dizzy and put the game out as Kwik Snax for C64. Whilst we were surprised when we found out, it did make commercial sense.

Beno and Damon were given the contract to produce the ST and Amiga versions, which was later converted to the PC. They did such a great job we hired them and Lyndon as some of our first employees of our new game development studio, which would later become Blitz Games. 

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