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April '94

NES: Playable on PC browser
Sega GG: Playable on PC browser
Play Now : Sega Master/GG (soon)

"Dizzy’s pals have been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard Zaks and imprisoned in five different worlds. Zak’s treacherous mazes are jam-packed with all sorts of nasties, Power-Ups and special secrets! Take up the challenge in Single mode or Simultaneous Two player mode.

Have you got what it takes to rescue Dizzy’s pals? GO! DIZZY GO! "

Go! Dizzy Go! was based on Kwik Snax and worked extremely well on the NES. We were particularly pleased with the technically clever background pictures. Codemasters released the NES version on the Quattro Adventure cartridge.

We then converted the game to the Sega Master System, Game Gear and MegaDrive.

It was combined with Dizzy The Adventurer and Panic! Dizzy and released as The Excellent Dizzy Collection. Whilst released on the Game Gear and Masters system, with a very small production run, it was never released on Megadrive.

Two unreleased games - DreamWorld Pogie and Wonderland Dizzy, were due to be included in the collection too but were excluded due to cartridge costs.

We renamed our company to Interactive Studios as we prepared to seek new publishing partners. 

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