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October '95

Mega CD: Playable on PC browser

"Create and manage the biggest and best theme park in the world. Build the highest and fastest roller-coaster ever and watch the kids create ‘pavement pizza’. But keep them happy at all costs or your profit and loss will take a turn for the worse."

After Andrew completed the Mega CD version of Marko’s Magic Football we were offered a contract from Domark to port the Megadrive versions of Theme Park and Syndicate to the Mega CD. The source code and assets were supplied by Bullfrog and Andrew had to recompile the code and address all the parts that were incompatible with the Mega CD console. He discovered a very complex codebase that tangled C code and 68000 together. He also has to take the videos from the PC versions and produce a video compression and playback driver which needed to be integrated back in. These were the days before any standard systems existed for this.

The master submission was delayed because there was an advert in the game for Midland Bank who was purchased by HSBC at the same time and nobody could agree with what to do about the logo.

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