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October '88

Amstrad : Playable on PC Browser
Spectrum : Playable on PC Browser
C64 : Playable on PC Browser
Atari XL : Playable on PC Browser
Play Now :Atari XL (Soon)

"A fast, furious and incredibly addictive pinball game featuring - Trapdoors, Rollover Lanes, Mega-bumpers, 4 flippers, Bonus Lanes, extra balls, Ball Trap, Mystery Tube, realistic movement and MUCH MORE!!!"

What the press said

Light Gun Version

Codemasters were approached to make some games for Cheetah, a peripheral manufacturer. They had a Spectrum LightGun, showed us how it worked and said they needed it to ship with a bunch of Lightgun Games. The deadline was very short, a couple of months. We were busy but said that we could adapt Pinball Simulator and it would work. It wasn't the greatest game for a lightgun, but we helped delivered on the promise that Codemasters had made.