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March '86


  "A stimulating learning package for 3-9 year olds.

- Discover the exciting way to learn simple maths

- A lively and colourful display

- All questions are clearly spoken

- 10 levels of difficulty

- High score facility"

Having developed Panda Sprites we wanted to produce a BASIC game using the Sprite system as a test case. Around the same time, October ’85, we came up with the idea of recording and playing back speech to make the computer talk. Having developed the system this also needed a test case. Our niece had a Speak and Spell electronic toy and that inspired us to produce Magic Maths.

The premise was very simple, the game asked players to solve simple maths questions with full speech.

It was quite quick to write, probably taking around two weeks alongside schoolwork and was published on Interceptor Software’s new Budget label Players at £1.99. They paid us £250 too, which we felt fair.

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