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November '88

Amstrad :Playable in PC Browser
C64 : Playable in PC Browser
Spectrum : Playable in PC Browser
Amiga : Playable in PC Browser

"The Sangfalmadore Run, a planetoid battle training arena has been designed to push recruits to the limits - trying their speed, strategy and reflex responses! Your task aboard a fighter sphere, is to locate the Colonel who has become hopelessly stranded within the run."

The Incredible Shrinking Sphere of the title comes under your control in this isometric maze game. The ball needs to be guided from the start of a level to the end, through 4 linked sections, avoiding collapsing tiles and assassin spheres.

What the press said

We converted this game from C64 to the Amstrad and Spectrum. Sadly scrolling on Amstrads and Spectrums was always slow since there were so many pixels to move in software, whilst the C64 had hardware scrolling and sprites.


You may notice we took no credit for this game, that’s because we were discussing an exclusive arrangement with Codemasters as the time and thought it best to keep quiet about this game. Instead, it says it was written by our friend Ivan Link who wanted to get into the games industry at the time. Ironically Codemasters gave him job shortly after this, but not off the back of this.

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