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April '89

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"Crashing your car damages it as well as slowing you down - you’ll lose valuable seconds. Remember to use your brakes! Taking the right line into a corner gives you a much better chance of getting through it. Race hard because you'll need to save up your bonus time for the later tracks. You'll be given a percentage score when you get to the pits - this tells you how far through the game you are."

What the press said

All the Tracks(Spectrum)


One of our best selling games had been the original Grand Prix Simulator and having written a much cleaner code base for Jet Ski Simulator we felt we could produce a much better version of GPS both on Amstrad and Spectrum.

Development was very smooth taking a little under 2 months in the autumn of ‘88 and game was released a few months later.

Whilst we were very happy with the quality of the new game, sales nowhere near matched the original. That was perfectly timed for the market and we’re sure the controversy surrounding Activision's claim that we had copied Super Sprint clearly boosted sales too. It just goes to show that it's not always about quality, it's also about timing and luck.

Design Notes

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