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 February ‘88


"The first real Fruit Machine Simulator including: Cash Box, Nudge Box (with Compu-Nudge and Nudge Bank), Skill Climb, Winning Streak, Cash Gamble, Holds and Mega-Holds, Skill Chances and Party Time Meter!"

What the press said

We converted Fruit Machine Simulator to the Amstrad CPC from the Spectrum version (by Mark Baldock) and the original design by James Wilson. We created this over Christmas ‘87 period in a little over a week, after we heard the sad and shocking news that James died in a tragic accident.


We were surprised and disappointed at getting a 0% from Amstrad Action who said “The single most pointless games in computing history.”. I think they completely missed the point that we were creating entertainment and selling it at just £1.99. A lot of players bought the game and it became a bestseller as we thought it would. Those customers knew full well they wouldn’t be gambling with real money, but that it was still a good value, fun experience.

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