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June '92

Amstrad: Playable on PC browser
Spectrum: Playable on PC browser
C64 Playable on PC browser
Play Now : C64 (soon)

"Dip into Torrent river in the craziest barrel race ever! Amazing action as you dodge Trolls, leap waterfalls and ride the rapids. Inspiringly adventurous splashing fun."

What the press said


The Levels (Spectrum)

This has a very similar story behind it to Bubble Dizzy.  Whilst working on Fantastic Dizzy on the NES we created a few mini-games.

We thought it would be fun if Dizzy navigated down a river, and immediately Toobin (a classic arcade game) came to mind. So we decided that Dizzy should jump in a barrel to ride down the river, but the trolls spot him and take chase. To make matters worse there are crocodiles in the river and trolls throwing rocks from the banks.

It makes a fun game and we decided this would be a fun budget game for the home computers with additional features and levels obviously.

The C64 version was originally developed by Paul Black. The C64 version was originally a clone of Toobin called 'Toobin Turtles'. When the game was sent to Codemasters for consideration, it was rebranded to take advantage of Dizzy's popularity.

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